Jamaica Plain, MA Stephen J. Wessling Architects, Inc. has completed a two year architectural restoration of The Jamaicaway Tower & Townhouses a cooperative housing development consisting of a 30 - story high-rise tower, a group of low-rise townhouses and a 5 floor indoor parking garage all originally constructed in 1963. The development is managed by Barkan Management Co., Inc. In 2007, the Jamaicaway Tower & Townhouses (JTT) Cooperative Housing shareholders approved complete architectural restoration services for the tower, which included an in-depth study of the exterior façade masonry, concrete balconies and a complete roof system evaluation.

The comprehensive study of the façade masonry and balconies by Wessling Architects identified both masonry and concrete deficiencies which were a result of several factors, including some fundamental masonry design deficiencies, later building repairs and general age related maintenance items. Wessling's senior project manager and building envelope specialist, John Karman said "the required scope of work was significant due to the overall size of the structure and because much of the work was required at each floor level and at all balconies. Our design intent was to upgrade the existing system on this project."

The scope of the masonry work included masonry through-wall flashing repair, installing vertical brick expansion provisions, brick parapet demolition, brick rebuilding/replacement, random re-pointing of the brick joints as well as waterproofing and sealant repair/replacement. Some of the significant amounts of materials included 47,000 brick units removed and replaced, 9,000 linear feet of new stainless steel/membrane through - wall flashings and 45,000 linear feet of sealant replacement.

Multiple concrete deficiencies existed in the balconies. The comprehensive repair included complete concrete restoration. Significant amounts of materials included 3,700 s/f of concrete repair and 90,000 s/f of waterproofing coating systems were used to eliminate any life/safety issues and protect the client's interests.

A Sika Sarnafil, EnergySmart high solar reflective, PVC membrane, insulated roofing system replaced the existing roof system. The new roof provides a high insulating R-value to save the winter heating costs and a high reflective quality to save in summer cooling costs.

P.J. Spillane Company of Everett was the general contractor awarded the façade restoration and self-performed all the masonry and waterproofing restoration work for the project. Oak Roofing and Sheet Metal Works, Inc. was the roofing subcontractor who performed the roof replacement project.

The two-year project took place in the fully occupied, 271 residential unit complex. Noise, dust generation and general construction operations were constant concerns; in addition there was the challenge of temperature restrictions with masonry waterproofing materials. Daily communication between the contractor's construction operations and the residents was managed by Barkan Mgmt. who provided the high quality professional property management.

Chris Alex, JTT Cooperative Housing Board chairman said, "This job was managed in a highly professional manner every step of the way". The on going communication and cooperation between all involved allowed immediate resolution of issues. The overall experience was successful on all levels meeting budgetary and schedule goals. A great job done by Wessling Architects."

The tower roof project received an honorary mention at the Sika Sarnafil 2008 Contractor of the Year Award competition.

The parking garage was recently restored with P. J. Spillane Co.

Wessling Architects and P J Spillane plan to submit the project for the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) 2008 project of the year award for high-rise residential category in March.

Wessling Architects completes $13m restoration of Jamaicaway Tower & Townhouses