On February 19, 2009, the New England Chapter of RCI (NECRCI) met at the Quincy Neighborhood Club for a lunch-and-learn session.

Approx imately 20 members attended the program. Two manufacturer representatives, Conproco and Mortar Net, had tabletop displays and provided overviews of their products. John Karman and Sam Moores of Wessling Architects gave a presentation on understanding roof-related masonry to NECRCI members. The talk included a basic introduction to exterior masonry wall construction types and various materials that can be encountered in roof restoration projects. The session also focused on masonry parapets, screen walls, and penthouse walls that can result in roof damage or failure if they are not properly and thoroughly reviewed before the replacement roof is installed. Water entering porous masonry materials in façades needs to be prevented from flowing behind the wall flashing; therefore, the existing through-wall flashing must be in good condition, and, if not, it must be replaced or repaired prior to installing the new roof system. The presentation was structured for various experience levels, was well organized, and was delivered clearly to the attendees. A goal of the program was to emphasize the importance of understanding roof-related masonry and the responsibilities of roof consultants. The data and experiences presented educated fellow RCI members. Feedback from attendees indicated that the session was very informative and helpful to all who attended.


— Stephen Wessling

New England Chapter Vice President

New England Chapter Holds Roof-Related Masonry Session